Leopold Interpretive Center

Geode RC&D assisted the Crapo Park Foundation in the development of a National Scenic Byway Grant requesting fund to complete a master plan for an Aldo Leopold Interpretive Center.  In late August the Foundation was awarded $58,000 to be matched locally with $14,000 to complete the plan.  The Aldo Leopold Interpretive Center would be located on or near the Great River Road in the Burlington area and will be developed consistent with the vision of the Mississippi River Parkway Commission’s vision for Interpretive Centers.

The Foundation, with technical assistance from Geode RC&D is in the process of soliciting a firm to assist with the plan development.  A selection committee is being formed to select the consultant and work closely with the firm to complete the master plan development.  Components of the plan include facilitation of the Leopold Interpretive Center Advisory committee meetings and public input sessions, development of site selection criteria, identification of potential sites, interpretive plan development, project construction costs, determination of long term operation cost opinion, formulation of funding strategies and development of marketing strategies for the project.

Interpretive Centers along the Great River Road are utilized to tell stories of the awesome Mississippi River.  The primary goal is to provide effective interpretation that will improve the quality and continuity of the visitors experience through educational and entertaining material.  Through the Aldo Leopold Interpretive Center initiative, project partners hope to tell the story of the Mississippi River in Iowa and how it has shaped the land and people within the Burlington area.

The projected completion date for Phase I is December 07.  For additional information on this project, please contact Merry Ford, President, Crapo Park Foundation at (319) 753-9183 or mford@burlbank.com.

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