About Us

“Enhancing lives through conservation and development through community services”

Formed in 1974, Geode Resource Conservation and Development, Inc. (RC&D) is a 501c3 non-profit that assists the people of Des Moines, Henry, Lee, Louisa and Washington Counties protect and develop the area’s economic, natural and social resources.

The Board of Directors, comprised of local volunteers, provides leadership and determines the organization’s objectives.  Further, it is the Board’s responsibility to select which projects the organization pursues, thus ensuring local coordination.  The current make up of the 15-member board includes a county supervisor, a soil and water district commissioner and a member at large for each of the counties that Geode serves.

Geode RC&D specializes in coordinating assistance from a variety of public and private sources.  Assistance may include coordinating technical assistance from governmental agencies or private consultants, planning a financial package that includes cash contributions, donations of services/goods, loans, grants; or bringing together diverse groups to identify areas of concern and develop common goals.

As you can see RC&D is not just an organization, but also a process that local people can utilize to benefit their community.  For additional information about Geode RC&D or if you would like to partner with us on a project, please contact one of your local county representatives or contact our office via e-mail or phone which can be located on our Contact Us page.

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